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What you will need for Bankruptcy filing

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List of Information to give your attorney:

The following are some of the things I will ask you to provide at our first meeting.
  • 6 months of paystubs.
  • 6 month business income and expenses statement (cash flow).
  • Mortgage statements.
  • Car loan statement.
  • IRS Notice.
  • Notice of Default on Mortgage (or notice of sale).
  • List of credit card debt.
  • Information if you have it about the value of home and cars.
  • Copy of any lawsuit you have been served with.
  • List of bank accounts and balances.

Credit Counseling:

Bankruptcy law requires you in most cases to obtain a credit counseling certificate before the case can be filed. An additional certificate will be required in order to obtain the Discharge before the case can be closed. These are some links to independent counseling services:


Post – Filing, Pre Discharge counseling

*This firm is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.

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