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permission to fly with minors

Authorization for travel with a minor abroad —-Разрешение на выезд за границу с ребенком

Often there is a need to have an authorization for one parent to give authorization for travel with a minor...

Why You Need an Employer Identification Number

There are many essential tasks to complete if you are thinking of forming a new business. An important but often...

Good News for PPP Recipients of $50,000 or Less: Simplified PPP Forgiveness Process

Following the first surge of COVID-19 cases in the United States, many businesses financially impacted by the pandemic have applied...

Considerations for Forming a Limited Liability Company for Real Estate

For individuals who own real estate, it is important to consider the best way to structure your ownership. When you...

Staying on Track: What Every Employer Should Know About Tracking a Remote Employee’s Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a wave of new teleworkers. This shift in the way employers conduct business brings...

Four Things Business Owners Should Know about Trademark Infringement

Against the backdrop of globalization and the expansion of online business activity, trademark infringement is on the rise. Most elements...

Sample Term Sheet

Our Law Firm can lead your start-up from formation, internal structure setup, to financing. INVESTMENT AND BUSINESS BUILDING PROGRAM MAJOR...

Legal Issues to Consider Before Hiring

Despite the challenges facing many businesses, some companies are still experiencing growth. If your business is expanding, you may find...

You as a Landlord and what you should consider for your asset protection and estate planning

Asset protection when you are a landlord

3 Asset Protection Tips You Can Use Now

Asset protection for your Rental property



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